Once Upon A Line - In 8th Floor Gallery - Greenhouse Berlin - 15.07.2016

Once Upon A Line - In 8th Floor Gallery - Greenhouse Berlin - 15.07.2016

Tiberiu Bleoanca and Maria Brudasca are two Romanian artists with similar backgrounds in arts education. The line is an instrument of translating experience and creating new ones. It is one of the core elements which the two artists use to construct their different worlds. This exhibition is about their complementary ways of finding aesthetics within fragments of the visual reality and mixing them together, each in it’s own formula, transforming line and color into storytellers. Maria Brudașcă is a visual artist from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her work is mainly based in graphic arts, illustration, animation and visual performance.
Drawing from a very early age she has constantly explored the immense variety of purposes drawings can have; from being an instrument of describing and appropriating reality, or the tool of a witness translating his experience, to becoming pure means of creating a space open for projections of one’s own visual experience. Her works are considering drawing as a form of language through which the role of visual memory in shaping present experience is explored. Drawing triggers the maker and the viewer’s capacity of association.
Tiberiu Bleoanca is mostly self-taught in his magic-realism. His paintings represent the two worlds that the viewer, navigates through simultaneously; the real world we live in, illustrated by the realist figurative, and the perceptual of the mind which explodes on the surface in an abstract primitive gesture.
The images are a meeting place for an array of visual imagery, acting as reflections designed to unsettle the sense of perceived reality, all generating a sense of displacement. All of his works speak to ideas of humanity, commenting on everything that exists on a scale greater than the individual.

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