“Babylon” is a Romanian painting exhibition organized by the Museum of Visual Arts in Galați, between 18 February to 13 March 2016. The exhibition brings together the works of Valentin Neacșu and Rodica Gherghinoiu.  One’s paintings are the overturned reflection of the other and both creations unfold as a hall full of hostile mirrors of the same symbolic, bold Ego, intruder of the Royal Palace. These two artists, gone looking for the world’s greatest treasures, find themselves at the end of a difficult journey, in the same place they started out in. The opening day, 18th February 2016, is the day of revelation.  Now is when you discover a known-unknown thing: that the treasure is inside you.  Is what you have been searching for all your lifetime.  Babylon is that fantastic city where once arrived, you understand it.  As long as the exhibition is opened to the public, Galați and Babylon are versions of the same legend.

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