Sorin Sorasan

Sorin Sorasan

Sorin Sorasan stands out especially through his sophisticated view on the topic of grotesque, proving outstanding abilities in representing fabulous and fantastical entities. Even before he became a student and a graduate of the University of Art in Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania, Romania), his early artwork is discovered by a few SF publications becoming an illustration for the literature published there. The artist is enticed by the SF universe and develops for himself a rich, fantastic universe. This source of inspiration will fuel constantly the artist’s artwork with new elements and odd characters, ominous, engaged in an unusual logic but that can be understood without being taught. Sorasan’s over-packed figurative composition detaches in time from its imaginative source and originates more and more in the urban supercolony the artist wishes to accommodate with. A conversation with the artist about his figments complicates even more the metaphysics of his compositions… “I am obviously attached to my artwork. Through it I can experiment, invest passion and forget about time constraints so that I can revisit the composition until I’m satisfied. “ All that the artist whishes for us to find out are simply details about the state he achieves immersing himself in his work.  And then… “The grotesque is a zone where you can perform your fantasy… I think the exaggerations and caricatured brushstrokes strongly support the idea that I wish to send across.” He wishes to maintain the mystery on his conceptual motivation… Sorin Sorasan is an artist dedicated to represent the world disclosed by contemporary imagery.

The Launching, ink on paper, 70 x 50 cm / 28" x 20"

Fearology, print (limited edition), 240dpi, 40x30 cm / 16"x12"

More News From Nowere, print (limited edition), 240dpi, 70x50 cm / 28"x20"

The Ubique Circus 1, print (limited edition), 300dpi, 30x30 cm / 12"x12"

The Ubique Circus 2, print (limited edition), 300dpi, 30x30 cm / 12"x12"


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